The Stinking Puss of American Racism

The Stinking Puss of American Racism

As I write we see once again the stinking puss of American racism seep up through the gangrenous skin of a nation in crisis.

Is it a nation in terminal decline? Maybe, maybe not, history will tell. But it is a nation envisioned, raised and nurtured on the belief of white supremacy; a simple fact that continues to haunt what could have been a great and inspiring nation, but alas now looks anything but.

Are the racists of America (and elsewhere) justified in their beliefs? Of course not. Only a racist would imagine they could be. Only someone who has deliberately chosen hatred over love, fear over hope, ignorance over understanding, violence over peace, and stupidity over intelligence would imagine that having a particular coloured skin biologically/naturally imbues a God-given supremacy over those who look different.

In one way I appreciate the actions of the Nazis of Virginia this past few days. At least like the puss they are, these Nazis have fully surfaced. We can see them. We can smell them. Therefore, no one can deny they exist and no one can deny that the USA has a most serious problem at its very core, apparent from the highest office downwards.

This toxicity infects the whole American body politic. It festers in every part of the nation. And it is has few boundaries. Because the Nazis of the USA not only hate those of a darker skin; they hate gays, lesbians, transsexuals, bisexuals, transgendered, queer, intersexed, Arabs, Jews, Muslims, Asians, liberals, and they hate women. You only have to see them and listen to their chants in Charlottesville to fully appreciate the comprehensive range of their terrible rage.

This American racism is fundamentally male; angry white men who want ‘their country back’.

But to get it ‘back’ they will have to destroy it in the process.

Because the America that they seek was always a mirage, never a reality. It exists only in their warped imagination, their suppurating hatred, all of which feeds off an illusion: that ‘God’ created America to be the greatest nation on earth and to be ruled by white men.

It is no good saying that this is all about poverty and class. Look at the racist, misogynistic American leadership: men of immense wealth and privilege; by their very existence such men give lie to the belief that racist violence and hatred are simply an expression of desperation by the disenfranchised white working class of the Deep South.

I fear that racism in America is in the DNA of America and perhaps it can never be eradicated. In which case, there is no hope that America can ever be fully at peace with itself. More likely, this will continue for hundreds of years to come as it has for hundreds of years past.

Those of us who have avoided succumbing to the virus of racism or who are immune from it, have therefore a responsibility to educate the younger generation thereby enabling their immune system also.

Because that is the only way to stop it.

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