Is being a man about to get a whole lot worse?

Is being a man about to get a whole lot worse?

Since time immemorial men have ruled the world.

Not any more.

Being a man in today’s world is just going to get much worse down the line.

But not for all men. Only those who are unable or unwilling to move with these rapidly changing times.

“Pay special attention to women. Women care for others much more than men. Men only care about themselves. Women are going to be very powerful in the 21st century. Because last century people compared about muscle. In this century people will compare about wisdom. Hire as many women as possible. This is what we did. This is our secret sauce.” (Jack Ma, Owner of Alibaba, speaking at the Gateway 17 Conference, Detroit, 21st June 2017)

The 21st Century will see the Rise of Women and this most dramatic and profound of all human revolutions is picking up speed, not slowing down. Accompanying it is the rise in LGBT+ identities and political action.

For men who cannot or won’t keep up, the future is bleak indeed. Traditionally minded, conservative, reactionary straight males (typically with low educational levels) won’t be able to get employment, they’ll be unable to settle into long-term supportive intimate relationships, and they will exist as a largely hostile and dysfunctional minority group within society. Especially in the West.

Expect them to respond in one of four ways: social isolation, mental illness, criminality, violence. Or a mix of all four. The signs are already there if one cares to look.

Well before the end of this century the big feminist, indeed social, question will be ‘what to do about the lost males?’

At the moment, the only response from most governments is to build bigger and better prisons.

In truth, these lost males need education and assistance to deal with a revolution that is leaving their type of masculinity no longer useful to society.

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