Personalised professional development designed for the particular needs of your school both now and in the future. See below for more information on my Gender and Sexual Identity Inclusivity and Awareness Training (available to both staff and students).

This can range from basic teacher training of unqualified teachers (e.g. a UK PGCE-related programme) to an advanced advisory service for school owners and senior management.

21st Century Teaching and Learning: less a teacher, more a facilitator
Embedding PD: Introducing and developing a Coaching and Mentoring System
Succession Planning: Soft qualitative audit of current and future Managers
Mentoring Leaders: Identifying and supporting upcoming leaders in your school
HRM: the key (misunderstood) component in the successful international school
Staff Retention/Recruitment Strategies: Preparing for the coming International School Teacher Crisis
The Hybrid International School: targeting different cultural markets simultaneously
The Inspector Calls: Preparing for accreditation agency inspections
Understanding Organisational Culture: What your school is really made of
Culture Shock: Why new teachers arrive and why they move on
Motivation: What (de)motivates your teachers is not what you think
Power/Resistance: Identifying power regimes in your organisation
The Flipped Classroom: Techniques and Tests
The Continuing Power of Confucionism and How it Affects Your School at every level



1-3 day programmes aimed at motivating your staff and enhancing their knowledge and skills in areas such as; Teaching and Learning for Generation Z; Student Centred Learning; Classroom Management, Differentiation, Inquiry Based Learning; Advanced Leadership and Management; Complex Problem Solving and Critical Thinking Skills; Advancing Emotionally Intelligent Leadership; Addressing Human Resource Management Issues.


Offered to the individual school owner and leader (undertaken primarily by Skype and email together with occasional site visits). This is a most cost-effective way for senior leaders to receive informed, critical and neutral guidance on organisational issues as and when they arise.


For a minimum contractual period of six months (2-5 days per month). Includes ongoing professional development of teachers in accordance with UK PGCE standards (e.g. formal teacher observations and feedback) plus senior and middle management guidance and consultancy service on any organisational/HRM issue or strategy.


1. Is your school struggling with gender issues in the classroom (e.g. boy’s behaviour and underachievement)?
2. Are you considering providing a gender neutral toilet for staff and students?
3. Would you like your staff to undergo general gender awareness development?
4. Are any of your staff or students raising LGBT issues that require support?
My specialism is in the field of gender and sexual identity. I can provide both introductory and advanced training and guidance to staff and students in this area. See photos taken from a recent Gender Inclusivity programme I delivered at a leading international school in HK.
Gender and Sexual Identity Issues are fast becoming a key area of interest and need across global education, but especially in international schools in Asia. For example, in the near future all leading international schools will have to provide gender neutral bathroom facilities. Contact me to discuss your school’s needs.


Below are some of the leading international and private schools that I am currently working with or have worked with in the recent past:

Please feel free to contact the Principals of any of these schools to receive their opinion as to the quality of my Professional Development and Management Consultancy services. Please note, all enquiries for Professional Development in schools in Vietnam should be addressed in the first instance to my Vietnamese agent, Mr Nguyen Quang Minh, email: [email protected]


My fee rate is on par with and indeed generally lower than any similar consultancy service available in Asia.

The reason is that I am doing this consultancy for personal interest and enjoyment, not simply for money. Also, because I am based in Thailand my travel expenses are kept to a mininum.

My daily rate (plus expenses) is negotiable but largely depends on the number of days involvement and whether or not you require me for a short contract (e.g. 2 days INSET) or longer term ongoing professional development/management consultancy contract.

Contact me to discuss my work directly.