AI has no heart – which is why you’ll be redundant

AI has no heart – which is why you’ll be redundant

Throughout history, every powerful movement of change has produced similar responses to those we’ve seen this year; when Brexit and Trump hijacked the political status-quo and gave a good kicking to globalisation and its attendants.

And yet no matter how much you might scream and shout, change happens. Regardless.

If the disenchanted, dysfunctional, disgusted and generally disregarded consider that it all ends with Brexit and the election of Trump, then how wrong can they be. It is only just starting…

When financiers and investors decide that AI is a safer bet that a more emotional, heartfelt, unpredictable human, then you can be sure the rest of us will be caught up in this global movement sooner or later.

“The role of many remaining humans at the firm wouldn’t be to make individual choices but to design the criteria by which the system makes decisions, intervening when something isn’t working’.

Do you realise what is being stated here?

It means that the few ‘humans’ (note the term used, not ’employees’) left working in the company will only have one job and that will be to ensure AI doesn’t stop thinking and making decisions. ‘The System’ becomes all powerful and totally irreplaceable.

There will be no going back to the time when humans ruled the world of work, at least not at Bridgewater Associates.

And this is just the beginning.

‘Soon there won’t be any reason to keep us around’

‘AI will prove to be cheaper, more efficient, and potentially more impartial in its actions than human beings’

‘Bankers will become dinasaurs’

Now no doubt the idea of bankers becoming extinct isn’t something you’ll lose any sleep over.

But you should know that if today it is the bankers, then tomorrow it will be you.

And you should also know that there’ll be no referendum on this. No election to decide whether or not a robot takes your job. There is a beautiful, ice-cold, irresistible logic to all this, but which I sense most of us are totally unprepared for.

Which suggests that AI is going to sweep on us like a social and political tsunami.

AI is happening. It has already started.

And frankly it doesn’t give a damn whether you approve or not.






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