Stephen Whitehead | Internationally recognised author, consultant and researcher
Welcome to the home of Dr. Stephen M. Whitehead, an internationally recognised author, consultant and researcher on gender, sexuality, identity, management and relationships, providing individualised consultancy services to school leaders and managers across Asia.
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Welcome to the home of Dr. Stephen M. Whitehead

Author, researcher and consultant on gender, identity, management and education.


Professional Development for international and private school owners, leaders, managers, administrators and teachers across Asia.


Internationally renown writer on identity, gender, relationships, education and management.


Sociologist and Professor of Gender Studies (UK and Taiwan), exploring the changing social dynamics in Asia and beyond, especially soft power, globalisation, education, gender, identity and sexuality.

Individual Professional Development Coaching and Guidance

The world of international education is changing rapidly, especially in Asia. The rapid growth of international schools brings both opportunities and challenges, especially for the school leaders and managers. I provide a comprehensive and cost-effective consultancy service ranging from initial teacher training (e.g. PGCEi) to advanced management/leadership development and individual mentoring.

Major Publications

Stephen is the author of eleven books and numerous academic journal articles. His books have been translated into 15 languages and received global recognition.

Researcher in Gender and Identity

Do you have a nomadic, hybridic identity? To what degree is sexuality biological? What does it mean to be a woman or man in the 21st Century? What is Professional Identity and how is globalisation changing this? Are we now at the Time of Women? Why is marriage going out of fashion? What are the social trends in Asia and the Middle East?

Contact me to discuss and find out more about these and similar major questions in the age of globalisation.

Latest News

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Contact me regarding any aspect of my work.